Halal Industrial Park Sidoarjo (HIPS) developed by PT Makmur Berkah Amanda Tbk (MBA) is optimistic that HIPS will be an encouragement to strengthen Halal Industrial Areas (KIH) throughout Indonesia. In fact, MBA also believes that the existence of KIH in Indonesia, if it is evenly distributed, will be able to beat KIH in Malaysia.
“We (MBA) are the pioneers of KIH in Indonesia. We are also the only KIH that has been running in RI. We really believe, in the future, if the government can run and have good synergy with KIH developers throughout Indonesia, including us, then Indonesia can defeat the role of KIH in Malaysia,” said Adi. This was said directly by the Main Director of PT Makmur Berkah Amanda Tbk (MBA), Adi Saputra Tedjasurya
“To support the business so that we can produce quality halal products, the HIPS halal industrial area created by us (PT Makmur Berkah Amanda Tbk) is equipped with the best supporting facilities,” explained Adi. He explained, it was built on an area of ​​148 hectares. With the concept of the Sustainable Halal Ecosystem, this is realized because there are a number of facilities such as a halal economy office, halal laboratories, halal logistics, and other facilities.
Thanks to this facility, it is hoped that businesses at KIH can develop and attract investors so that they can continue to play a role in making Indonesia the center of world halal products.H