Infrastructure and Facilities is one of the most important factors for investors as these can be the key to business growth. SAFE’n’LOCK and HIPS understand and continues to design and innovate by providing all facilities such as weigh bridge, Waste Water treatment plant and many others to create a one stop service with modern industrial design.

Our road is 30M Wide and can be accessible for 40 Ft container and other heavy duties vehicles.

Electricity in the complex is provided by Indonesia National Power or widely known as PLN that is supported by two different power house in Sidoarjo to ensure minimum disruption of operation.

There are various providers for your connectivity such as BizNet and Indihome that can provides an uninterrupted connectivity that suits to your operation and landline can be provided by Telekomsel, Indonesia National telecommunication.

Our weigh bridge is located closed to the main entrance and can weigh up to a maximum of 40 Tons.

Our water treatment plant can support any of your industrial water needs and is being monitor continuously by our team of experts that assure quality of water produce for all our tenants.

The waste water treatment plant is able to accommodate up to 1000m3 of waste water daily.

Our industrial estate works and collaborate with many different transporters to transport any toxic waste from your activities.

There is a food court within the industrial complex with a seating up to 100 and another is located closed to the entrance of the complex with a small meeting room that is suitable for small boardroom style meeting.

The medical clinic and pharmacy is located within meters of the main entrance and has a qualified doctors and pharmacy to support any medical emergencies and/or medicine should the need arises.